Look at me! Do you see these clothes? Do you see these eagle feathers in my hair? These are the signs of my membership in a powerful clan that is said to be invincible: the Cheyenne. Do you also see the staff of truth lying upon my heart? It bestows upon me the awesome Ancestral Powers of the rank of Grand Indian Shaman.

Today, my Sacred Oracles guide the steps of the most important people in the world, – but also those of the humblest, those who have no title or wealth. For my mission is to bring to EVERYONE – from the richest to the most destitutethis magic spark that transforms all catastrophic situations heading towards failure into dazzling victories!

What can I do for you for FREE?

You are like the wretched dying beaver that I found this morning: hunted down, exhausted, shivering from hunger and cold, trembling with fear, worn out by hardships, you are wandering in mad despair. Your desert crossing is so harsh, so cruel, so hellish, that your strength has dwindled noticeably, shrivelling your savings, sucking up your health, pitilessly siphoning off the last drops of sweat meant to save your skin. By the Great Manitou, I say "Stop !".

Stop to the struggle for survival! Stop to the hardships! Stop to the betrayals! Stop to the suffering! Stop to the injustices! Listen to me...

Cease your trembling. And lay your head softly on my shoulder. Warm yourself in the fur of my coat, and let me rock your heart tenderly in my arms. I am your friend, Heart of Gold, and I offer you my nurturing and protective warmth, wrapping you up against me in my great coat of love and protection. With me, before the fire of the ancestors, there will be no more risks.

Warm your heart and lift your head proudly! For the heroic moment has finally come for you: to tame the forces of nature, to reverse the tides, to merge with the Great Spirit in order to receive his blessing. Soon you will be reborn into life anew. Follow me on my Great Journey of Light by which your whole body will fuse into my dances, my songs, my rituals, and my offerings to the higher spirits. You will live again! Yes, believe me: you will soon be rolling in gold, our hearts will celebrate, full of love and carefree, our buffalo pelt bags overflowing with golden nuggets and good old bills of cash!!!

In exchange for this imminent life change, I ask nothing from you. Absolutely NOTHING, except to join in dedicating offerings to the Spirits of my Ancestors who from now on will watch over you and your rebirth into this unforgiving world full of jackals. You have been invited to partake in all the joys of existence that YOU TOO, deserve on our Mother Earth. This gift will be yours insofar as you are willing to extract yourself and jump back ever higher and farther like the light-footed antelope. Through your generosity, the Supreme Forces of Nature will open with STRENGTH and CONVICTION in your favor. The results will be spectacular and will come as quick as lightning!

The world will be transformed overnight! Your basket will fill with bread, your cup will fill with nectar, your cellar will fill with gold. Heart of Gold makes this commitment: "Upon a thousand silver coyotes, your Victory over misfortune will be my Victory as well! Today I hereby take this oath!" Your Great Visionary Oracle will open up to you gleaming paths to the golden GLORY you see in your dreams: to turn the tables on life in the way you have been yearning for so long. So answer the call of Heart of Gold, the great Shaman NOW: you will not regret it!