Heart of Gold's Family (Personal photo album)

By exploring my family album, you will understand the origins of my ancestral powers.


It is in the Grand Canyon that the great white bison heard Heart of Gold's first cry on the day of his birth, and that is where he will call upon the Spirits of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire on your behalf, through powerful mystical ceremonies meant to welcome you honorably among his flock so that you may benefit from his high PROTECTION and witness for yourself his highest respects.

To him every living being is unique. And YOU yourself are UNIQUE! There is no need for him to meet you in person. From afar, he will place a fragment of his own soul within your heart in order to shake up your life in a positive way and to help you get back onto the path towards VICTORY!

For he knows this to be true: without protection, without help, without positive energy, without a friend in the supernatural realm, your path will remain full of thorny cactuses amidst an arid desert where nothing grows other than rocks that can never quench your thirst. To read events, thwart the dirty tricks of your hidden enemies, chase away the evil eye, repel jealousies, avoid traps, shed light on your problems, ward off predators, burnish your shield, refill your coffers, and illuminate your destiny with a thousand fires like a million lightning bugs in the night, that is Heart of Gold's divine mission.

Chosen by the Great Manitou on the day of his birth, Heart of Gold possesses immeasurable Shamanic Powers. These "active" Powers are absolutely extraordinary and are completely different from anything you have known until now. Since early childhood, he has been in communication with all the Spirits of Nature as well as with those of his ancestors, transforming any catastrophic situation plagued with misfortune into one blazing triumph after another.

You are a being who is as precious to Heart of Gold, as important, and as close to him as all his blood brothers and sisters. His devotion and faithfulness to you will be unwavering! In his eyes, nothing is more URGENT than to bring you all that you deserve in your life: health, money, joy, fortune, love, success and happiness. Your beautiful face, beaming with ecstasy, will be all the reward he ever needs!

Renowned among and consulted by numerous international leaders who govern the planet, Heart of Gold, with his legendary simplicity, brings powerful assistance to all those who need to make urgent decisions.

His approach to the world and his shamanistic connections confer upon him the highest esteem among the world's great, including politicians, scientists, music and film stars, and public figures. All hungrily absorb his original, primal vibrations that resonate with the great fundamental wisdom that has contributed to his legend. One cannot deny the ASTOUNDING CHANGES that follow in his wake!

From one day to the next, your life will be TRANSFORMED: Heart of Gold will enter your home through pathways in the invisible world. He will "travel" into your body, into your heart, into your soul, to grab a hold of your problems – to eliminate your suffering – to drive away dangers – to calm your spirits – to tend to your sorrows – to increase your bank account – to enrich your existence in all ways and ALWAYS ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUESTS!

Do not hesitate: take a hold of Heart of Gold's generous hand so that he may lead you down a thick carpet of fresh herbs sparkling with diamonds, burning with love and brimming with abundance. Intoxicate yourself with the fabulous Shamanistic Force that drives all of his followers upwards towards skies shining with all joys in the world! Walking alongside him, you’ll step over the threshold to join him on a spectacular journey of initiation: the Visionary Oracle, a veritable shining window that will open the doors of all the invisible worlds to you. An INCREDIBLE experience in which undeniable truths will be revealed to you, along with invaluable secrets and unbelievable blessings that will lead to your Happiness and your good Fortune! Hurry and join Heart of Gold's clan!