"How can I thank you, Golden Heart, for all that you have done for me and my family? We just had the most beautiful Christmas of our lives! The children were spoiled like never before. And we invited all our friends to come over for Christmas Eve. Only three weeks ago, we were on the edge of the abyss. Today, money is actually no longer a worry. Our bank accounts are overflowing... you're amazing! We owe you everything."
Robert – Melbourne – Australia

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Julie – Adelaide – Australia

"How can I thank you, my dear Golden Heart? I was always a 'loser', at betting and in life in general. But just as you predicted, I finally won a tidy sum of money playing Lotto. I upgraded to a new car, bought a new, fully outfitted kitchen, and my partner and I are planning an amazing trip to the other side of the world. ... Your abilities are incredible and they deserve to be more widely known..."
Max – Johannesburg – South Africa.

"I still can't believe it: my bank account is filled to the brim! ... Does all this money really belongs to me? It's a miracle. I am stunned by your knowledge and incredible visionary power. May God bless you, Golden Heart, and may he let you stay among us for a long time."
Sarah – Toronto – Canada

"What a huge surprise: With six winning numbers and big profit, now I can see a bright future for myself! Yes, it's true: your intervention is so effective, and works so fast, I regret I didn't listen to you sooner. How do you manage to make such wondrous things happen? All my friends want to get to know you. Can I give them your contact information?"
Alicia – Auckland – New Zealand

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Martin – Sydney – Australia

"What a gift you gave me, by unveiling my destiny and the name of my animal totem: I followed your wise counsel, and I played the numbers as you advised... One large sum of money after another have pulled me out of my hard times, and I can see that I won't have to worry about my future, I'm in the clear... especially with respect to money, since I have am no longer in need of more of it! My son's future is also secure… I don't know how to thank you for your huge heart, which is so generous and for your incredible visions… I send you all my love!"
Helen – Durban – South Africa